Steam Press

The right steam press can cut your family’s ironing time in half! Read the steam press reviews and our informative product descriptions to make sure you buy the right steam press to match your budget and requirements.

A steam press allows you to enjoy your laundry. Picture this… sitting down in your favourite chair, TV on and getting through ironing your laundry in 50% of the time. It can be achieved with a steam press. One simple movement creates large amounts of pressure on a large surface area of fabric. It’s no wonder so many families are now leaving their traditional iron and replacing with a steam press iron.

Garment steamer

Garment steamers can also save huge amounts of time to your ironing times. There is a garment steamer for everyone. From small handheld steamers that will easily cut through the wrinkles and creases in your favourite dress to larger commercial garment steamers that we are seeing becoming more and more popular additions to households across America.

Steam Iron

Want to make ironing easier plus receive much better results? Who doesn’t!? A steam iron is for you. The iron is lightweight as water is kept in a steam-producing reservoir and not kept in the hand held iron. A perfect option to save time and backache while still keeping the ability to really gain great results on tricky cuffs.