Clothes steamers or garment steamers as they are often called are becoming more and more popular items in households across America. These clothing steamers are often thought as professional or industrial pieces of equipment, however, there are now a number of compact versions aimed at the fast-paced families of today. There are even handheld steamers available.

If you are looking to reduce ironing times or even find an alternative to traditional ironing a clothes steamer is for you.

What is the best Clothes Steamer?

Clothing and garment steamers come in many forms, from the handheld steamer to heavy-duty industrial steams.

The best garment steamer for you is going to entirely depend on what you would like to gain from making the change. Handheld steamers are great for an addition to the iron and for a few select garments that require a more delicate touch. If, however, you would like to replace your iron you may want to opt for the compact valet clothes steamers which are making their way into many family homes.

Steamfast vs Rowenta vs Conair Steamer Review

Model Conair Garment Steamer Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Steamer Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer
Full RRP* $81.99 $129 $79.99
Review* 4.2 stars (80 reviews) 4.1 stars (185 reviews) 4.0 stars (457 reviews)
Continuous Steam 90 minutes 60 minutes 50 minutes
Weight 10.4 pounds 15 pounds 13.4 pounds
Feature 1 Telescopic pole – to reduce height for storage Telescopic pole – to reduce height for storage Telescopic pole – to reduce height for storage
Feature 2 Removable 81 oz. water tank Removable 46 oz. water tank
Reviewing a clothes steamer vs traditional ironing

Let’s review whether you should ditch the traditional iron and opt for a clothing steamer.
Can you replace your traditional iron for a steamer?
Ease of wrinkle removal


Garment care

Tough areas (such as cuffs / collars)

Clothing steamers will make faster and easier work of the of your families laundry. They are also much gentler on your delicate items with no more hot metal contact. However there may still be the odd item of clothing that requires a traditional iron for example formal shirts.

*Full RRP and Reviews were taken from Amazon and correct at time of writing (05/01/15)