There is now a garment steamer for everyone. A few years back you would only see garment steamers at the professional dry cleaners or a fashion photography studio. However more and more families are now looking to swop their traditional iron for a garment steamer… And don’t think that these house hold garment steamers won’t give you the professional results – they do!

Garment steamers at a glance

  • Garment steamers do not require any back aching ironing.
  • As there is not a heated metal plate (like traditional ironing) being applied to the garment. The steamer is a much gentler and effective way to remove wrinkles.
  • The power of steam also removes odors.
  • Not just for clothes, use your garment steamer on curtains and upholstery.
  • Saves time, stress and the pain of ironing.

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Professional grade garment steamers

Professional grade steamers will keep the steam coming for longer. If your house has a lot of laundry you may need to look into the time of continuous steam that the garment steamer will provide. With these professional and commercial use garment steamers you will often get large water tanks and a wheeled based for ease of use.

Hand held garment steamers

A very popular choice for the American family home is the hand held / travel garment steamers. A super easy way to get wrinkles out your clothes and the easy travel designs mean that they can be taken with you to hotels to ensure you always look your best – even when your favorite dress has just came out of a suitcase!