Information and Advantages of a Garment Steamer.

A garment steamer is a device for getting the wrinkles out of clothing; however, there is no need to set up a separate ironing board like when you use an iron to do the same thing. Garment steamers use water to gently (and quickly) steam any creases out of garments. Compared to the traditional house hold iron they are less likely to harm clothing since they don’t rely on crushing down upon the material which has the potential of leaving scorch marks.

How does a garment steamer work?

You merely hang up your clothing and use the steamer to gently get out the wrinkles using only the power of steam – there is no pressure of hot metal unlike traditional irons or a stream press. Benefits include being much faster and easier than using a traditional iron and you can also safely use the garment steamer on delicate fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet.

Plus, it’s easy to clean and steam your curtains without even removing them from the windows. The garment steamer kills dust mites and some types of germs with the heat from the steam. Smokers can also use it to get the smoke smell out of their clothing or furniture.

Professional garment steamer for heavy use.

A professional garment steamer is more powerful. They have two thermostats instead of a single thermostat allowing them to heat up quicker. A professional garment steamer performs better on heavy duty and thick materials. Plus, since it is larger and holds more water, it can steam more pieces of clothing than a regular household version.

Some of the professional models allow for custom settings and can be set for certain types of fabric, along with a water gauge so you know when you are getting near the end of the water supply. Plus, the better professional garment steamer will automatically turn itself off if accidentally left on, which is a great safety feature. Most come with an anti-rust reservoir for the water, which is usually made of stainless steel.

One type of professional garment steamer is the Rowenta commercial garment steamer. It has all the high-class features of a commercial steamer, including the auto off system, an adjustable pole, can use regular tap water, holds up to one gallon of water, and can produce steam for over two hours and “dewrinkle” a week’s worth of your clothes in only a few minutes!

Portable garment steamers

A travel garment steamer is a type of portable steamer. It is great for packing and taking along on a business trip to keep your clothing fresh and wrinkle-free. These usually have enough power to work well for the business person who has to rely on their clothing looking great for that on the road business meeting.

Plus, a concerned traveler could even use a travel garment steamer to steam the bedding or curtains in their hotel room if they were worried about germs or bedbugs.

The bottom line is that; if you want a device that will quickly get rid of the wrinkles in your clothing as well as sanitize and get them smelling fresh and clean, a garment steamer is a device that you need.