Sometimes you need a larger, wider, ironing space than traditional ironing boards offer, right? When you do need that added space, the Bartnelli provides it.

The Bartnelli T-Leg is a large sturdy ironing board for high quality results in the home.

The Bartnelli T-Leg Ironing Board: An Overview


  • Wider, extra large ironing surface
  • Heavier duty construction than many other products
  • Provides a sturdy and stable ironing platform
  • Built in iron storage and hanger rack
  • Adjustable height adds flexibility
  • Great for quilting or other large ironing projects


  • It is quite heavy so not very portable
  • The large ironing surface means that when folded away the ironing board takes up a lot of space height wise.

Presenting the Bartnelli 51×19-Inch Multi layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board

The traditional design of the T-Leg ironing board is a long standing one, and the Bartnelli T-Leg isn’t proposing a radical change to that design. The Bartnelli T-Leg offers a wider ironing space to accommodate large garments, linens, or quilts, it’s sturdy and stable, and it’s collapsible.

The manufacturer’s primary described feature is the greater width compared to other designs and the sturdiness of design. However, there are a number of additional benefits and features including its lockable folded condition, extra thick cover and built in steam iron holder.

So, what can you expect the Bartnelli T-Leg ironing board to do for you?

Regardless of your special ironing needs, the Bartnelli is more than capable of accommodating all of your standard laundry needs, but it really excels at ironing projects with larger items.

Items such as quilts, blankets, linens, larger shirts or even wider pants or skirts are simply easier to iron on this board.

This is a great ironing board for quilters!

Bartnelli T-Leg Ironing Board Detailed Review

The convenience of an extra wide ironing board is undeniable to anyone with reasonable ironing experience. The extra width reduces the hassle of having to re-orientate your garment or other item repetitively throughout your ironing process.

The entire premise of the Bartnelli design is that larger (wider) is better and it simply makes ironing duties easier.

Another feature that makes the Bartnelli T-Leg ironing board stand out is its impressive stability as an ironing platform. Ironing on a flimsy or wobbly ironing board is annoying and time-consuming. The integral iron rack and hanger rack are not only convenient features but when properly used they add to the overall stability of the ironing board.

The Bartnelli is a very simple to set up and an easy to use ironing board. In its folded condition it can be locked in order to make it more secure during transport or storage. One downside to the iron is that when folded the long wide board now becomes a high and wide object to store.

It has a sleek design which makes it quickly transformable from its folded and stowed condition to its fully extended and set up condition, and vise versa.

This may seem out of place for an ironing board review, but there is something to be said for the style of this ironing board. It’s modern lines, construction, and visually appealing, replaceable cover make it look almost as though it could add to the actual character of a room.

How Does It Compare Versus Other Ironing Boards?

The Bartinelli T-Leg is an extra wide, collapsible ironing board, and there are a few boards out there are similar enough for a comparison.

Those include a fairly standard option as well as both a lower cost and higher cost specialty option.

  • A standard T-Leg ironing board such as that offered by Mabel Home would be significantly less expensive and much slimmer.
  • There are several extra wide ironing boards with varying leg and compact styles, one of the less expensive is the Homz Professional Wide Steel Top ironing board, with a 4-Leg design slightly smaller ironing space.
  • One of the more expensive specialized ironing boards with a wider ironing space is the Parker Company Pro Board which includes a uniquely designed ironing space meant to accommodate the width of men’s dress shirts.

Should You Buy the Bartnelli T-Leg Ironing Board?

The Bartnelli T-Leg ironing board is a thoroughly modern product that is designed to streamline the process of ironing larger items. It does not rely on any tricks or contraptions to do what it claims to do, it simply has a wider ironing space and a very sturdy base that is better suited to larger ironing projects.

The noticeable difference in apparent quality of construction and useable stability is another big plus. The Bartnelli is comparable in price to other specialty ironing boards but its versatility, stability, and popularity make it a winner in our book.

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