Ironing can be a hassle, so finding ways to help make that job easier are welcome. Perhaps it is time to replace that old ironing board or purchase your first board to get those clothes looking new.

What follows below will be a general overview of ironing boards followed by reviews of these five boards that were selected for economy and function:

Best Value Ironing Boards

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Homz Contour Steel Top Ironing Board

Household Essentials 974406-1 Ironing Board

Mabel Home T-Leg Ironing Board

Real Simple Steel Ironing Board

Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board

What Is An Ironing Board?

An ironing board is a board that is used to place fabrics (most often clothing) on while using a hand iron to remove wrinkles or create seams. The surface is flat and is most often longer than it is wide. Some type of material is used as a cover on the surface to form padding, which makes it easier to iron clothes on.

The board is mounted on top of legs that offer height and support while ironing. These legs are usually collapsible so that the ironing board can be broken down for storage.

How Is An Ironing Board Used?

Remember that you will need to have everything organized before you begin to iron. The last thing that you want to do is be distracted or reaching for something while you have a hot iron in your hand. While the iron is warming up, set up your ironing board and clothing.

As you prepare to iron, make sure to sort your clothing based on the material that it is made from. Each type of material will need to be ironed in a different way. Materials that need to be ironed at lower heat settings should be ironed first, followed in order with materials requiring increasing amounts of heat.

Materials such as acetate, rayon, silk, or wool will need to be ironed on the lower heat settings. Polyester will require a medium heat setting while cotton will need to be ironed with a higher heat setting.

You should use a damp cloth between the iron and items made from lace or wool in order to prevent contact between the iron and these items. More durable materials such as corduroy, linen, rayon, satin, and silk should be turned inside out before you iron them. Cotton and polyester materials will need to be slightly damp to help prevent damage.

When you are ironing shirts, start from the collar and work your way down. Next, drape one of the shoulders over the edge of the ironing board. Move the iron from the shoulder towards the back. Drape the other shoulder over the ironing board and repeat this process. Finally, with shirt sleeves, move from the cuff to the collar.

When you are ironing pants, turn each pocket inside out and iron them. Next, drape the waist over the ironing board and iron. Pay attention when you are working near the pockets or you will iron in pocket-lines.

Lay the pants out on the ironing board, with the legs stacked on each other., with the seams on the legs lined up. Make sure to fold the leg on the top back onto the waist to iron the backside of the leg on the bottom. You can then flip the pants over and repeat the process.

In the case of dresses or skirts, start by ironing collars and sleeves in a similar way that you would for your shirts. In the case of a skirt, drop it over the ironing board and iron from the bottom and move towards the waist. Make sure to iron around buttons, and turn items with embellishments or ruffles inside out.

What Attributes Should You Look For In An Ironing Board?

Height: This may be one of the main considerations to look at with an ironing board, especially if you are taller than average. Your target height should be around hip level. A nice feature is a board that you can adjust the height on, especially if more than one person is doing the ironing at home.

Sturdiness: Just after height would be how sturdy the board is. A sturdy work surface will make ironing easier and safer. The T-leg structure is common, but the four-legged boards are usually more stable.

Covering: Ironing boards will come with cover and padding. Thicker is better in most cases. The material is also a consideration, as some coverings will handle scorches and reflect the heat of an iron better than others.

Size: The length and width of an ironing board is another consideration. A longer board will allow you to lay out longer items, such as pants. Boards that are too thin will make your job more difficult when you are working on wider clothing articles.

A more lightweight ironing board is easier to set up, and a board surface that is mesh will allow steam to pass through. Attachments and extras can add convenience.

Best Value Ironing Board Reviews

Homz Contour Steel Top Ironing Board

An economical ironing board for those seeking a simple solution.

The contour steel top is made out of durable steel that should provide a solid work surface. The product weighs in at 8.5-pounds.

The board's height can be adjusted to 36-inches, which is a nice feature if you are a taller person.

The steel surface is perforated, a big plus if you steam iron. The T-leg design may prove less stable at maximum height adjustments. The board itself is over four feet in length.

The board is thin at only 13-inches wide maximum.

Due to the higher height adjustments, this may not be an ideal ironing board if you wish to sit while you iron unless you have a taller chair. The mesh may also depress if you press down too hard while ironing.


  • Multiple height adjustments that will top out at 36-inches
  • A perforated top allows steam to pass through more easily
  • This product includes a polyurethane foam pad designed for smooth ironing


  • The thinner ironing board may mean more clothing adjustments
  • The T-leg design may be less stable than a four-leg system would be

Household Essentials 974406-1 Ironing Board

A less expensive wide surface board for larger clothing items.

The Household Essentials ironing board is a multi-material product that offers larger size at a more cost-effective price. The unit itself weighs in at 15.4 pounds.

The board surface is 18-inches wide which allows you to work on larger clothing items.

The Household Essentials comes with an adjustable iron holder that will allow you to set your iron down while keeping it close at hand. It also has a hanger bar for clothing. The board is just over four feet in length and is supported by 28 mm legs.

The board surface is made from non-metallic materials.

This ironing board has a metal leg lock to help prevent it from accidentally collapsing on you or your children.


  • A wider board surface means less work
  • The four legs on the frame come with thick 28 mm legs
  • The iron rest that is included is adjustable and should fit most irons


  • The board surface is made from thin materials that may be damaged by too much heat
  • The thin covering would benefit from more cushioning

Mabel Home T-Leg Ironing Board

A middle priced long-board with a nicely padded cover.

The T-Leg from Mabel Home is a light ironing board, coming in at 12.1 pounds in weight. The T-Leg design opens up and is supported by foot bars with plastic caps on each end. The board surface is nearly 4.5 feet in length.

The 100-percent cotton padded board cover should provide a smooth surface for ironing on.

The product comes with a second padded board cover which will provide you with a nice back-up. The height can be set to four different levels. There is a safety locking system on the legs.

The board can be rather noisy at times when opening and closing it.

As with most T-leg designs, the Mabel Home may be wobbly at higher height adjustments or with heavy pressing during use.


  • Heavy duty padded cotton ironing board cover provides smooth working surface
  • The Mabel Home is light at 12.1 pounds
  • check-circle
    This board comes with adjustable four-level height settings


  • May be noisy when opening and closing the board during set up
  • The board may feel wobbly when set at maximum height

Real Simple Steel Ironing Board

​A simple no frills ironing board designed for first-timers.

The Ironing Board from Real Simple is just that. The steel board weighs just 10.15 pounds. It is quiet when it is closed and opened. The simplistic design is reinforced with the plain gray color of the model. This comes with no extras.

The Simple Steel measures 56.5 inches, providing plenty of board length.

This length can be advantageous when ironing dress slacks and other pants. The height is adjustable and maxes out at 36-inches high. This height may not work best for those who like to sit while they iron.

The Simple Steel may be wobbly at maximum height settings.

The ironing board cover would benefit from some extra thickness or additional padding. The board may feel a bit stiff when opening and closing it, which will require some extra power from someone who lacks upper body and/or arm strength.


  • Has decent board length for longer clothing items
  • The Simple Steel is lightweight


  • Can wobble when set to highest height adjustment
  • Might be stiff when trying to open it or close it
  • times-circle
    The cover that is included may be a bit thin

Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board

Modern designed ironing board with heat reflective cover and accessories.

The Ergo Plus ironing board by Minky is the most expensive product on the list and weighs 16-pounds. The board is mesh, which will allow steam to penetrate more effectively. The ergo design has been matched with your natural arm movement while ironing.

The heat reflective prozone cover helps to speed up the ironing process.

The ergo design comes with an iron holder on the backside as well as a rack for a steam generator. The loop leg fabrication seems to offer a more stable surface at lower settings. There is also a flex guide for the iron's cord, which is an additional safety feature.

The Ergo Plus may wobble when you press down with max pressure.

The design and added features will cost you more at the checkout stand, as this board comes with a larger price tag.


  • The heat reflective prozone cover aids in removing wrinkles
  • Maximum height of 37-inches is a big plus for taller users
  • Steam generator rack and iron holder


  • Higher price point for this ironing board
  • times-circle
    Hand controlled release is located in an awkward position


While all of the previous five products offer function at a decent value, we feel that the Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board gives you a lot more versatility that offsets the price. The ergo design and 37-inch height adjustments make this ironing board a comfortable workstation.

The added iron holder and steamer generator shelf add more than convenience, they help to save you overall time while ironing. Standard leg latch safety features are complemented by the cord clip that helps to prevent tangles in the cord while you work. The heat reflective prozone cover is the big sell, as it helps to reflect heat, which saves you more time as well as energy.

No matter which model appeals to you, it is our hope that this article ironed out any wrinkles in your opinion!

Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board
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