You are checking out the Leifheit AirActive L Steam ironing system so we know that a professional quality finish is important to you and that you have an ironing pile that never ends – or maybe you are thinking about making a business from ironing and laundry?

This compact ironing system is full of professional grade features which will deliver professional grade results with less time and less effort. Sounds interesting? Check out this video walkthrough before you go any further…

The AirActive L Steam Ironing System: An Overview

The AirActive ironing system has a whole host of positive features (which as you have seen comes at a price) so here’s a look at what we think are some of the most valuable features are.

  • In home, professional level ironing
  • This is one integrated ironing system with pressurized a steam iron station all built and designed to work together
  • Vacuum air system gripping clothes and pulling steam through the garments
  • Up-air pressing system reducing creases
  • Settings for either inflating ironing surface or for pulling air through it

As a complete and portable steam ironing system there aren’t many things to dislike, but we put some effort into some things we’d like to see changed.

  • This is an expensive system compared to many other ironing systems
  • Heating time for optimal use can be up to 10 minutes which is more than some standard steam iron.

Presenting the AirActive L Steamer Ironing System

LeifHeit’s AirActive L Steamer is a full size, collapsible, self-inflating ironing board, with an attached steamer iron.

The system There is a heating element inside the ironing surface that helps keep creases dry and crisp.

The AirActive can be operated with a vacuum ironing surface which pulls the steam straight through the clothes. This leaves the garments crease free plus because the steam is pulled straight through the garment it leaves them aired and fresh – instantly. Compare this to using a standard steam iron on a standard board – the steam stays within the fabric as condensation.

Alternatively, it also has an inflatable ironing surface just by flipping a switch. This provides a cushion of air underneath the garment for ease of ironing.

Obviously, you can expect many features that are popular with other collapsible, full size ironing board such as built in hanger racks, iron racks, and other conveniences.

Leifheit is a German company that partners with Household Essentials, a U.S. based seller.

According to Leifheit, the company tasks itself with bringing fresh, european ideas and seasoned experience to laundry, cleaning, and kitchen without thoughtful, space-saving tools that work. The AirActive L, it says, is self-inflating, and can either pull steam through the board for powerful steaming or it can push air outward to inflate the surface for ironing delicates without a crease.

AirActive L Steamer Detailed Review

The AirActive L is a specialized product that very specifically meets the needs of steam iron users who have a noteworthy workload of ironing to do in the home.

This ironing board is designed to offer the performance of professional features combined with the convenience of having them available in a stowable and portable ironing system.

There are other aspects of this board that make it ideal for home ironing but there is no doubt that having a fully functional vacuum and up-air steamer in your home, ready to operate a mere 8 minutes after plugging it in, is a tremendous time saver compared to traditional ironing.

When the vacuum operation is used, a vacuum action is used to pull steam through the fabric cover and the item being ironed, and over a built in heating element. This keeps the ironing surface dry, and your creases dry while ironing, which in turn produces the crisp creases you prefer.

The up-air operation uses compressed air to inflate the ironing surface. The resulting curve and pressurized support is perfect for ironing delicates and other items with no seams.

How Does It Compare to Other Ironing Boards and Presses?

An alternative to this ironing system is the Reliable Board 500VB. This offers both the vacuum up and vacuum down functionality for fantastic results and it retails at a lower price. However, it does not come with an integrated steam iron. Maybe you already have your own?

Another system to look into is the Go + Ironing System by Laurastar which includes active air technology with vacuum and up-air features. It is a fantastically designed product, built to provide professional standard results but it is a foldaway system which could be stored at home.

Should You Buy the Leifeit AirActive L Steamer?

If you are looking to for a true professional grade ironing system which will improve the quality of your ironing whilst making it easier and less timely then this is a system for you.

Are you starting your own laundry service? This system delivers results that customers will be happy to pay for. These results come easier and in less time thanks to the powerful steam and vacuum features.

If you are looking for the best ironing board for the home – our roundup review may be for you.

The Leifheit AirActive L Steam Ironing System Product Review
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  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Style