The Parker and Company Pro Board is a unique improvement to the basic ironing board offering industrial standards in the build and an extra-large ironing surface area. This board is ideal for a busy home, quilter or even for laundry professionals.

A men’s dress shirt is one of the more difficult garments to iron, and the Parker and Company Pro Board is uniquely designed make those shirts easier to iron. It features the dynamic ability to accommodate various sized shirts with folding shoulder wings.

We will go into the details on how this ironing board can make ironing shirts easier later in this review.

The Parker and Company Pro Board: An Overview

The Pro Board has a USP for a specific target user: “the business professional who need their shirts to be perfect.” This USP are the expandable wings which we will talk about shortly. This board however is also perfect for quilters.

An overview of the features…

  • This ironing board is specialized to meet the needs of users that are looking for a way to simplify the ironing of shirts.
  • The board includes an extra large ironing surface of 19×58 which will accommodate almost all garments.
  • The design is easy and simple to use.
  • It’s collapsibility and adjustable height make it easily stowable and fully functional while saving space and adding flexibility to your ironing.
  • Lightweight and built in wheels make it highly portable, so it’s easier to move around.

Presenting the Parker and Company Pro Board Ironing Board

The Parker and Company Pro Board is specially designed ironing board with built in “wings” that fold outward to fit the shape of a dress shirt.

The unique feature of the Pro Board makes the ironing of shirts less of an inconvenience by allowing the entire front or back surface of a shirt to be ironed at one time, without having to manipulate the shirt in order to iron the sleeves. This simplifies the entire process of ironing shirts.

However, these foldable ‘wings’ are not the only noteworthy aspect to the board. It is built to be sturdy with a large ironing surface ideal as it is an industrial standard board – ideal for large garments and quilting.

Parker and Company Pro Board Detailed Review

The best features of any product meet the needs of the primary intended user of the product, and for the Pro Board, that intended user is really anyone who has to iron a lot of shirts. Shirts are one of the more difficult and inconvenient garments to iron, particularly dress shirts. The Pro Board offers a unique design that reduces the difficulties and simply makes the task of ironing shirts significantly more efficient.

So how exactly does the Pro Board take on the difficulties of ironing shirts? It simply utilizes a design that more accommodating of the overall shape of a shirt, including the shoulders and sleeves. This unique shape makes it possible to iron the entire front or back of a shirt in a single effort, without having to move the shirt around to access the shoulders and sleeves.


How Does The Parker Pro Board Compare Versus Other Ironing Boards?

The Parker and Company Pro Board is a unique product that focuses on shirts however if you have come across this ironing board you will most likely be searching for a large stable ironing board. Let’s have a look at some alternative and see how they compare.

The Sharkk Flippr is another uniquely designed, collapsible ironing board, its primary feature being a rotatable ironing surface.

The Bartnelli T-Leg is an extra wide ironing board of 51×19 inch matching the ironing surface of the parker and Company Pro board. It is also very sturdy and has a great modern design the price is very similar so maybe this is an alternative you should look into further.

Should You Buy the Parker and Company Pro Board Ironing Board?

The simple truth outlined by this review is that the Pro Board is a specialty ironing board that is specifically designed to make it easier and less time consuming to iron shirts. If you spend considerable time ironing shirts, then the Pro Board is an obvious choice.

The Review

Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board with Shoulder Wing Folding Review
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