The Rowenta IB9100 Pro is Compact Ironing Board is a professional grade, compact, folding ironing board with a large ironing surface area. It has gained popularity with users ranging from the professional, business-traveller to the multi-tasking house mom.

As an extra large ironing board when fully extended, its sturdy, heavy duty, steel construction will satisfy the most demanding needs of any user and with its reasonable price it’s a tremendous value as well.

Ironing boards can be bulky and awkward, but the IB9100 has that problem solved in its folded and stowed condition.

Check out this product review to find out if you’re ready to keep your best threads looking crisp and fresh with Rowenta’s compactable IB9100.

The Rowenta IB9100 compact Ironing Board: An Overview

Hands down, the number one feature Rowenta IB9100 Ironing Board offers is its compactability for easy storage or transit.

Combine the convenience of its compact size with the advantages of its extra large ironing board size, full function, and heavy duty durability.


  • Stable, XL, 54” x 18” (145 cm x 45 cm) ironing surface
  • Folds into a small compact size for storage
  • Heavy duty steel legs with stainless steel finish
  • Heavy duty, corrosion resistant metal mesh surface substrate for high strength and durability
  • Extra thick ironing surface pad and durable cover
  • Integrated wheels for easy mobility
  • Built in, stainless steel compartment for stowage of your iron or steamer and other accessories.
  • The convenience of built in hanger racks
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee


  • It’s heavy duty construction and full size stability are trade offs for weight
  • As a portable model, it does have moving parts that are subject to wear

Reviewing the Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Ironing Board Further

Don’t let the term “Compact ironing board” mislead you.

When in its fully extended and ready to use condition, this portable ironing board provides an extra large and stable platform that makes it comfortable to iron a wide variety of garment styles and designs as well as linens or anything else you need to iron or steam.

According to Rowenta, its fully extended size and stability deliver “a high-comfort ironing experience.” If you’ve ever had to iron a wide variety of garments in a single batch of laundry you’ll likely appreciate the convenience and functionality of that size and claimed stability.

Rowenta describes it as “an extra compact format” that contributes to “enhanced convenience” and the increased storage options the IB9100 offers. Rowenta emphasizes a wide ironing surface that is highly-stable with an adjustable height, the robust construction materials, and the replaceable thick cotton cover.

As a user, there are a number of considerations to take into account when purchasing this product:

  • Portability and mobility. This product fills the need for a stable, full sized ironing surface that can be folded for more convenient storage and mobility.
  • Think about the weight you intend to travel with. The shipping weight of the IB9100 comes in at just under 25 lb.
  • The overall size and measurements of the ironing surface you need to meet your needs. At 54” long by roughly 18” wide you get about 6 square feet of useable surface.
  • Take into consideration the fact that a portable ironing board will require level of minimal effort and mechanical aptitude in order to deploy and stow this product. The whole operation is simple enough but be comfortable with it’s anticipated operation requirements.

Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Ironing Board Detailed Review

Any review of this product has to make mention of the convenience of having a full size ironing surface on a portable ironing board. There are smaller compact products available, but you’re sacrificing the ease of use that comes with a large full size surface.

As for the compact feature, whether you’re a professional homemaker or a travelling sales star, it’s simply convenient to have an ironing board that doesn’t take up a lot of space, whether that’s space in a closet or space in your trunk, it’s valuable.

The portable nature of the IB9100, with it’s built in wheels, cater to the same diverse range of potential users that its compact stowage and full usable size, that’s anyone that uses or needs an ironing board. Portability makes it easy to transport from room to room at home or from trunk to hotel room on the road.

With a diverse range of use from light, weekly use to everyday use, the durable and heavy duty construction keep this ironing board serviceable when you need it and where you need it. With construction that ranges from stainless steel and corrosion resistant surfaces to heavy duty pad and replaceable cover, the IB9100 is a product with predictable yet impressive durability and reliability.

Built in features add to both the usability and the convenience of this ironing board. A built in hanger rack give you a convenient space for storing hung garments, so you’re not reaching from the basket to the closet with no convenient place in between.

This ironing board also includes an integrated, stainless steel storage container that provides a very practicable and convenient place to stow your iron or steamer, and other ironing accessories that you like to have within arms reach.

How Does It Compare to Other Portable Ironing Boards?

There aren’t really any comparable products offered by Rowenta on their website. Not surprising, as this is a very unique and specialized product that just happens to meet the needs of anyone that uses an ironing board. You’re also not going to find much in the way of competition from other manufacturers either, but here’s a look at some alternatives.

You’ll find the Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board in the same price range, but with some significant differences. Most importantly are that of overall size (it’s larger), and it’s portability (It’s not as compact, nor as portable).

The Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest is a lower cost option, although it also isn’t as compact nor as portable.

Should You Buy the Rowental IB9100 Pro Compact Ironing Board?

This review has been overwhelmingly clear on its reporting of the facts and considerations that you should take into account when purchasing this or a similar product.

If you want or need that extra large ironing surface but thought you didn’t have the space… well it’s simply evident that there really aren’t any comparable options available, at any price.

The lack of competition for the purpose of comparison isn’t a problem though, because the IB9100 stands out with its impressive list of features and conveniences. An exhaustive search may turn up something closer to the unique design of the IB9100 but we don’t really think it’s worth the effort. The Rowental IB9100 is the clear choice in our opinion.

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