No matter how hard you try, creases always seem to find their way onto your clothing. The cost and inconvenience of using a professional service can add up quickly.

Steam irons, discussed in more detail below, may save you both money and time. After a more detailed look into these irons, we will review the following products to see if one may be right for you:

Best Steam Irons

Steam Irons


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Rowenta Perfect Steam Eco Energy Steam Iron Station

Rowenta Steamium Professional Steam Iron 

Ariete Duetto 6437 2-in-1 Home Steam Ironing System

Reliable Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Home Iron

Singer Reservoir Tank Steam Flat Iron

What Is A Steam Iron?

Understanding what a steam iron is and how it works can go a long way towards choosing the best product available to you. In its most basic form, an iron is a heated surface (often in the shape of a triangle) that is pressed onto clothes in order to take away creases. The name itself comes from the metal that early irons were often made from.

Applying the heat and weight of the iron to clothing stretches the material the garment is made from. The fibers hold the stretched shape as they cool, thus removing the crease.

A steam iron adds the ability to inject steam into the fabric while the iron is in use. The steam that is applied helps to remove creases with more efficiency and speed during the ironing process.

What Materials Are Safe And Not Safe For Steam Ironing?

Many fabrics such as cotton, polyesters, silks, and wools are safe to use a steam iron on. Caution must be used when ironing items that contain plastics or are coated with materials such as wax to prevent melting.

More delicate materials such as chiffon, silk, and velvet can also be burned or stained if too much heat or steam is applied. Extra precautions, such as turning shirts with prints inside out can help to prevent damage.

No matter what type of material the clothing is made of, it is suggested that you follow the instructions on the label for the best results.

What Components Make Up A Steam Iron?

The main component of an iron, dry or steam, is the plate. This is the surface that will transfer heat to the fabric and is usually made of ceramic or metal, sometimes covered with a coating.

A steam iron plate will include holes that steam can be forced through while ironing. The steam is produced either constantly or in bursts from these holes in the plate.

Steam irons will also have a water reservoir that holds the water that is turned into steam. The handle will house various controls for heat, power, and steam settings.

How Do You Use A Steam Iron?

Generally, you will begin by filling the reservoir with water. The proper temperature setting is then selected. While the iron is heating up, you can place the garment on the ironing board.

When the iron is ready, begin moving the iron over the garment, following the grain of the fabric. Make sure to iron a section of material only long enough to remove any creases and then move to the next section.

Make sure to use only clean water to fill the tank. Dark colored clothing should be ironed inside out to prevent discoloration.

What Features Should You Look For On A Steam Iron?

The Soleplate - The plate of a steam iron can be made of ceramic or metals such as anodized aluminum or stainless steel. Many irons are also available with a non-stick surface that makes clean up easier.

Ceramic and stainless steel surfaces may offer less resistance while gliding over fabrics. Aluminum and non-stick surfaces are often lighter in weight.

Controls - Steam irons use buttons, dials, and slides to control iron functions. The more control options that you have, the greater the versatility of the iron.

Look at the number of heat settings offered as well as a way to vary the amount of steam. A spray option is considered a must for proper ironing, and a steam burst function can concentrate extra steam where needed.

Water Reservoir - The reservoir contains the water that is converted into steam during ironing. A larger tank will hold more water but will increase the weight as well.

A removable reservoir makes it easier to fill and clean after use. Look for a reservoir made with transparent materials so that you can inspect water levels easier.

Safety Features - Built-in safety features make the difference between easy crease removal and burns. An automatic shut-off operates by a timer and turns off an iron that has remained motionless for a certain length of time.

A power switch with a light reminds you when an iron is on. Another feature is a cord swivel, which can help prevent twisting and stressed wires.

Weight - An iron that is lighter will be easier to move along fabrics. The trade-off here is that a lighter iron will require more pressure being applied while ironing. 

Best Steam Iron Reviews

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron Station

A steam iron designed for larger sized loads of laundry.

The Rowenta Perfect Steam Iron Station makes use of a stainless steel soleplate to provide heat and weight that can help to speed up your job. The plate has 400 micro-holes that should provide steam evenly across the fabric.

The Eco Setting can save considerable energy during long ironing sessions.

The station is equipped with a 47-ounce tank, which will offer more ironing between water refills. The tank is removable and features a Calc Away cleaning system.

The unit delivers five bars of steam pressure, giving you the versatility to work with hanging fabrics as well.

The high price point may be harder to justify for occasional use or smaller workloads.

The iron can heat up in just three minutes and comes with a precision tip that should make fast work of collars and pockets. Safety features include a lock system and automatic reset/shutoff.

The control panel is simple in design, with limited control features available for this model. The manufacturer offers a one-year guarantee on parts and labor for the Rowenta DG8520.


  • Large water reservoir
  • Calc-Away descaling system


  • High price point
  • Station is made mostly of plastic

Rowenta DW9081 Steamium 1800-Watt Professional Steam Iron

A small iron designed to handle occasional or small loads.

The Rowenta Steamium supplies 1800-watts of steam force that can supply you with more steam pressure for deeper creases and wrinkles. The precision tip design provides access to tight spaces, allowing for easier ironing around collars and buttons.

The Steamium comes with a stainless steel plate that is non-stick and perforated with 400 holes.

A one-touch button control allows for variable temperature settings based on fabric. It also features variable steam settings that can give you greater control over your ironing.

Safety features include a 3-way auto shut off that will turn the iron off after 30-seconds in the horizontal position and eight-minutes if left stationary in the vertical position. The LED display is easy to read and comes in five settings based on the material.

Steam is not produced automatically and must be activated.

The Steamium can be used as a dry iron, which adds to the versatility of this iron. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Stainless steel soleplate with 400 holes
  • LED display


  • No automatic steam feature
  • Steam button location may cause finger fatigue for small hands

Ariete By Delonghi of Italy Duetto 6437 (Gray-Purple) 2-in-1 Home Steam Ironing System

A highly versatile ironing station ready for any ironing job.

The Ariete Duetto makes use of a ceramic soleplate to provide heat and steam, which should provide you with smooth gliding along most fabrics. The iron can offer continuous steam or steam on demand, which can make ironing easier on your fingers and hand.

The iron can be detached from the station and used separately from it.

The iron can also heat up independently from the station. A vertical steam capability adds to the versatility of this unit, allowing for work on hanging materials.

There is a spray function available on the iron which is ideal when extra water is needed. The reservoir holds 1-liter of water, and the iron reservoir can hold 300 ml.

The boiler tank does not detach from the station.

The Duetto cord winds into the base and comes with detachable plugs. A convenient handle on the base allows for easier moving.


  • Iron can be used separately from the station
  • One-year warranty on iron, lifetime warranty on boiler tank


  • Boiler reservoir does not detach from the base
  • Does not come with automatic shut-off on the iron

Reliable Velocity 200IR Compact Vapor Generator Home Iron

A small steam iron designed for quick laundry ironing jobs.

The Velocity 200IR from Reliable is a small steam iron that makes use of an anodized aluminum soleplate to deliver heat and steam. The compact size of this iron may make it ideal if you plan to travel.

The sensor touch technology begins the automatic steam mode when you touch the iron.

The water reservoir does not detach, but the design heats the water before it reaches the plate, which can help prevent spitting or leaking. The steam hole pattern runs along the sides of the iron and is designed to provide even steam across the plate surface.

The controls are minimal on this product, with a dial that sets the temperature on the plate surface. There is also a power button and auto bypass button.

The water reservoir is built into the iron itself.

The Velocity comes with a bypass for the automatic shut-off safety feature. It is also equipped with a 360-degree swivel cord for protection and safety.


  • Sensor touch technology
  • Eight-minute automatic shutoff


  • Small plate surface
  • Water reservoir does not detach from iron

Singer SHG2026B Ultimate Finish Reservoir Tank 1750-watt Steam Flat Iron

A small ironing station that allows for fast water refilling.

The Singer Ultimate Finish Steam Flat Iron makes use of a brushed stainless steel soleplate that is designed to glide smoothly on garment material while supplying over 1700-watts of heat and steam power. The tank design heats water only when needed and not all at the same time.

Water reservoir design allows for refilling without having to wait for pressure to adjust.

The steam holes are positioned near the front of the plate surface, which can offer a concentrated steam output while you work. This unit can be operated to produce steam in horizontal or vertical positions, adding to the versatility of the iron.

The Singer name is a known brand, and they offer a two-year warranty on this steam iron station. Safety features include an auto-off as well as double insulated power and steam cords. Anti-Calc features will aid in clean-up after use.

The water reservoir on this iron is smaller than some models of a similar size.


  • Low price
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Smaller soleplate footprint
  • times-circle
    This small iron holds less water than similarly sized steam irons


After reviewing the five steam irons above, our selection for the best steam iron on the list would be the Ariete Duetto 2-in-1 Home Steam Ironing System with Detachable Iron. The features and versatility that this station offers places it above the other products on this list.

The iron comes at a reasonable price and allows you to use the iron with or without the station. The station heats up in 3.5-minutes and the iron heats up separately in just 2-minutes.

A ceramic soleplate offers smooth gliding and steam. Multiple on/off switches make up for a lack of automatic shutoff on this iron.

Ariete Duetto 2-in-1 Home Steam Ironing System
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Price