Information and Advantages of a Steam Iron

Ironing is a chore that many people hate to do, but since we all like nice, crisp and wrinkle-free clothing, if you use a steam iron it will make the job go more smoothly. A steam iron is an upgrade from the older electric irons that first came out in the early 1900s.

Advantages of a steam iron

When to use a steam iron versus a dry iron

When it comes to using an iron, there are some types of fabric that you can’t use a steam iron with, such as silk. This is because it will damage the silk fabric. However, most common fabrics can be ironed easier and faster with the use of a steam iron or steam iron press instead of a dry iron because the steam gets the wrinkles out faster.

If you read the steam iron reviews you will see case after case describing how these types of irons are superior for use to get out heavy wrinkles. They can, however, be used as a dry iron too if you don’t put water in them, so essentially you get two irons for the price of one.

Advantages of Steam Iron

A steam generator iron does have several advantages as mentioned above. For fabrics such as wool, they will get the wrinkles out faster and easier. You just have to know what temperature to use and how much steam to use on each type of fabric to get the best results.

Disadvantages of Steam Iron

In most cases a steam iron can do a faster and better job of getting wrinkles out of fabrics – in fact, in nearly all instances this is true. Some disadvantages… well in rare cases the fabric can take on marks from the holes in a steam iron, so to be careful we recommend you always test the fabric in an unseen area.

Also, there are certain fabrics a steam generator iron should never be used on. Be sure to read the care label of your clothes before using a steam iron press to de-wrinkle your clothes.

These are rare circumstances – it’s quite safe to say that a steam iron will produce better results in a shorter time. The power of steam is evident and should be taken advantage of. You will get time back plus a more professional finish to your laundry.

Types of Steam Irons

A steam generator iron is for heavy ironing and is larger and holds more water than a regular iron. They are also more expensive than regular steam irons and have several more features. They also take longer to get hot, but once they do, the steam is pressurized and you get a more professional look to your clothing.

All in all there are both pros and cons of using steam irons, but for the most part, if you are careful and use them correctly, they can be a wonderful tool for making ironing clothes much easier and noticeably faster.