Smarter family homes now cut down their ironing times with the ownership of a steam press. They have become a modern-day necessity. This guide has been written so that you can choose the best steam press for your needs.

Although typical irons serve the purpose of smoothing out wrinkles it should be noted here that sensitive fabrics can be damaged when treated with typical irons. Thus, Steam Presses are employed to produce the best results as they can easily treat these delicate fabrics and are generally faster than irons.

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What to look for in a great steam press

If you’re looking for the perfect steam press then, you should stop right now because there’s no such thing as one “perfect steam press”. Choosing the best steam press varies from user to user according to personal liking and disliking.

However, given below are some of the key features that a good steam press should have. Competency in these key aspects of a steam press can furnish a great steamer that would be suitable for most.

1. Heating Plate

The heating plate of any good steam press should not snag or stick to the fabric it’s exposed to. The heating plate should be able to work with any fabric. So, use of stainless steel non-stick plates is recommended as they can press any fabric without causing damage to it.

The heating plate should be highly durable i.e it should be able to withstand chemical exposure and moisture. So, it should not rust. Also, it should prevent dust particles from entering the steam vents to allow steam to pass through the vents cleanly and unobstructed. Thus, Platinum plates are another sound option.

The surface area is another key component when it comes to choosing a Steam Press. The surface area of the steam press should be large enough to assist the user in pressing fabrics of a wide array of sizes. Thus, the plate should be large enough to accommodate fabrics without the need of constant adjustment while pressing.

2. Steam Press Usability-Controls

A good steam press should make it easy for the user to operate it. Usability is a key factor in the success of any product so, the controls of a good steam press should be self-explanatory and obvious to the user.

Large displays, color coded knobs or buttons with assistive drawings on them are generally a good way to go when choosing your perfect steam press.

Also, a good steam press should provide options that allow the user to press delicate and sensitive fabrics with ease.

3. Safety

Any appliance that utilizes a high amount of energy and provides high amounts of heat should have checks and balances in place to ensure user safety.

It is not uncommon that steam presses are usually left unattended for long periods of time by mistake, this can cause unwanted accidents. Hence, a good steam press is bound to have a system that either turns the steam press off on its own in such circumstances or alerts the user.

4. Energy Consumption

Steam presses usually consume a large amount of power. High energy consumption puts user safety at risk and also affects the user monetarily as it yields huge electricity bills.

So, a good steam press consumes a reasonable amount of energy allowing it to be used for longer periods of time.

Reviews of the Best Steam Presses for 2018

Given below are the analyses for our top 5 picks for this year. These analyses are an amalgamation of user reviews and our expert analysis.

5. Singer Magic Steamer

The Singer ESP-2 Magic Steamer has been one of the more used steamers this year. It has garnered a lot of decent user reviews on Amazon. This product can be summarized as follows:

The Singer Magic Steamer has a pressing surface that is 10 times larger than a conventional iron – making it a great first steam press.
Despite being huge, this steamer weighs as light as a standard steamer.
It is time-efficient, it can remove complex wrinkles extremely fast, which usually take standard presses a long time.
It can adapt to your fabric as it has custom settings for Wool, Nylon and Linen.
The Singer Magic Steamer has a die-cast aluminum base which enables it to remove highly persistent wrinkles.
It has visually bold water-fill lines that allow easy-pour.

4. Steamfast SF-623BK

This Steamfast product – the Steamfast SF-623BK – is highly admired by users and it comes with a 1-year warranty. Here are the main features of this fantastic steam press.

This steam spress comes in a small-size making it highly manageable.
It contains 5 custom functionalities which can adopt to a variety of fabrics.
Its plates resist starch build-up and are impervious to rust.
It freshens as well as deodorizes the fabric.
It is highly energy-efficient.
Its molded heating element allows heat to dissipate evenly across the fabric allowing it to produce crisp creases.
This steamer incorporates functionalities for user safety, as the steamer automatically shuts off when left in a closed state for a while.

3. Sienna Expresso

The Sienna Expresso steampress promises to provide a safe, efficient and quick alternative to conventional ironing. The Expresso Steamer delivers utmost quality from a compact design and all with a reasonable price tag.

Sienna Expresso allows the user to be flexible with its use as it provides a manual heat control system. So, you aren’t bound to use the pre-defined temperatures for any fabric.
It allows the user to choose between various dry heat and steam settings. It provides up to 6 levels of adjustable steam.
Sienna Expresso provides safety as it has an Auto Shut-off feature which turns the steamer off whether it’s opened or closed.
It is capable of producing 100 pounds of even pressure throughout its pressing surface area.
It comes with an accessory kit.
The Sienna Expresso takes longer than some steamers to heat up.

2. The Speedy Press

This is another great steam press. It consumes 1800 Watts and weighs about 33 pounds. Given below are it’s prominent features.

The Speedy Press has a larger ironing surface than most steamers which allows the user to easily press the fabric without feeling the need to move it around.
It is easy to use and move around, as it comes with a fold-out stand and is extremely light-weight.
It offers a large digital display which allows the user to operate the steamer with a wide array of heat settings.
It has a safety lock which is meant to protect pets and children specifically.
It provides one-handed operation allowing the user the freedom of multi-tasking.
It can easily press sensitive fabrics. So, drapes, table clothes etc. can be easily managed by the Speedy Press.

1. Steamfast Digital Steamer

This digital press consumes over 1300 watts of power is backed by a 1-year warranty. The Steamfast Digital Steamer SF-680 proves to be the best of the best on account of the following attributes.

This steam press heats up exceptionally fast, it can boil up a 10-oz. water tank in less than three minutes.
It heats up quickly and distributes the heat evenly along the fabric.
It provides steam-burst buttons placed on both ends of the handle.
It has an exceptionally large water tank.

This Steamfast press comes with a non-stick plate with a feature called ‘press lock’, which allows for safe and efficient carriage of the steamer.

It comes with an accessory package, including small bottles and pressing cushions.
It comes with 5 fabric settings can be accustomed to Nylon, Wool, Silk, Cotton and Linen.
This steam press values safety highly as it blares an alert when left idle for too long.
It has a sturdy and reliable construction as it is composed entirely of stainless steel.

It also provides energy efficiency.


Choosing the best steam press for you means a balance between performance, safety and usability.

So, a steam press that can be used in a wide variety of situations with a wide array of fabrics without compromising on safety would prove to be the best steamer.

It is evident from this article that, the Steamfast Digital Steamer is the Best Steam Press of 2017 as it not only provides utmost flexibility and performance but it also minimizes the use of electricity.