There are two key fundamental reasons to own a steam press. It should give a professional finish to your clothes while making life easier. The Sienna Expresso SSP-1990 commits to provide maximum quality in minimal time.

Sienna Expresso SSP-1990 Steam Press Overview

The pros and cons listed below have been are an amalgamation of product specifications and user reviews.


  • Extremely large pressing area, almost 5 times larger than a standard ironing surface
  • Has 6 levels of steam adjustment
  • Has a non-stick layering on the ironing plate
  • Allows manual manipulation of temperature
  • Comes with an accessories kit
  • Wide temperature range


  • High temperature fluctuation
  • Sometimes pressing the steam button causes the steam press to power off
  • Steaming issues; sometimes the steam press spits out water rather than steam
  • The padding on the bottom board prevents the pressing plate from total contact with the fabric causing some wrinkles to remain untouched

Presenting the Sienna Expresso SSP-1990

Sienna intends the SSP-1990 to be a complete replacement of the existing ironing apparatus in your home. The SSP-1990 promises to provide you all the features provided by any standard steam press and much more.

The Sienna Expresso SSP-1990 can help cut ironing times in half. It’s pressing surface is 22 x 9 inches which is ~5 or times that of an average iron.

As far as steam presses go, this plate is not the largest, it’s actually on the small side. We feel this is an ideal size for a small family home or for someone’s first steam press. The water tank s still reasonably sized at 15.2 fluid ounces so the smaller size has not come with the annoyance of having to constantly fill up the water tank.

Sienna knows that the garments you own are precious to you and there can be a wide variety of fabrics that a person might own and each one of those fabrics has to be treated in a specific way, thus the SSP-1990 offers a wide temperature range with a wide array of steaming options. So, the SSP-1990 is highly sensitive and can take care of any fabric.

The company has equipped this steam press with safety features as well which enable it to allow great flexibility to the user. It isn’t uncommon that people leave their irons or steam presses on causing accidents, thus the SSP-1990 has certain safety features which allows it to turn itself off when left unattended for a prolonged period of time.

Another great looking feature of the Sienna is the price – often found online at not much more than $150 – if the size of the plate suits your laundry pile you could be looking at the steam press for you!

SSP-1990 Detailed Review

Here are the prominent features of SSP-1990 along with an analysis of their utility and their contribution to SSP-1990’s brand projection.

1. Manual Temperature Selection

The SSP-1990 allows the user to manually choose the temperature on which the steam press should operate on. This allows SSP-1990 to be compatible with a lot of fabrics such as Nylon, Silk, Rayon, Wool and Cotton.

Also, it offers a wide temperature range to cater for each type of fabric. It can go as high as 410 and as low as 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Usability

SSP-1990’s ease of use is a major aspect which has helped it garner its market value and reputation. It allows the user to press any garment with just pulling the plate-handle down, pressing the steam button and then pulling it back up again.

It is suitable for pressing all sorts of garments. Also, it has a small heat-up time which allows it deliver well-creased clothes in a short of time.

It also has a floor stand which allows you to set up the machine according to your liking. It also has a lock-feature which allows the user to easily move the machine around despite of its weight.

3. Auto-Shut Off

With manual temperature selection, it is quite possible that once the user is done with the steam press he forget to turn it off. There have been quite a few accidents that were caused by similar scenarios. Sienna values safety and thus it has put in place certain safety measures which turn the steam press off if it is left idle for more than 10 minutes.

It not only turns off but also sounds off a loud alarm notifying the user of the current status of the steam press. The sound of the alarm is different if the steam press has been left in closed state from the sound it makes when the pressing plate is left exposed.

How Does It Compare with other Steam Presses?

Here is how the Sienna Expresso SSP-1990 compares with other similar steam presses of the same make.

1. Sienna Empressa SSP-3208 vs SSP-1990

The Sienna Empressa 3208 provides the same functionalities as the SSP-1990 including the wide temperature range and the six levels of adjustable steam. They also have the same capacity of the water tank as well as the weight of the pressing plate.

However, the Empressa has a larger pressing surface area. The pressing plate is 34 x 12 inches which is pretty huge! DO you have a lot of laundry to go through? Many large garments to press? You may want to start looking at the Sienna Empressa SSP-3208.

Obviously, it is larger and that comes at the price of weight. This steam press weighs around 29 pounds while the SSP-1990 weigh only about 20 pounds.

Another advantage of the Sienna Empressa SSP-3208 is digital the digital display. The Sienna Empressa has some advantages over the SSP-1990 however it carries a much heavier price tag! Often retailing at twice the price.

2. Sienna Elite SSP-2202 vs SSP-1990

The Sienna Elite SSP-2202 is very similar to the SSP-1990 in many respects including size and temperature range.
The Sienna Elite SSP-2202 it a little more expensive. Not by much often just ~$25 difference. For this extra cost you get digital fabric temperature presets and a slightly larger press plate.

These features really help with usability. No more manual guessing or setting for each different garment, just press the button that relates to the fabric you are going to press and it will tell you when the press is ready. The slightly larger plate will help you reduce your ironing time too.

Should I buy the SSP-1990?

The Sienna SSP-1990 is great match for those users who’re looking for their first steam press. Maybe for those people who are looking for a smaller press due to space in their house.

The Sienna SSP-1990 has a fantastic price, perhaps one that can’t be beaten. However, with the lack of digital preset fabric temperatures it does lack some features that many come with as standard.

Here we rate the product based on the following metrics out of 5.

Sienna Expresso SSP-1990 Review
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Style