In every type of home appliance there is one product that goes the extra mile in terms of innovation and features. The Sienna Turbo SSP-5015 is one such product when it comes to finding the best steam presses.

The Sienna Turbo SSP-5015 is equipped with state-of-the-art fabric cleaning technology and has an elegant design. Let’s dig a little further into this steam press’ features.

SSP-5015 Overview


  • Has a Touch Screen Display for temperature manipulation and fabric selection
  • Has a wide 35” X 11” surface area for pressing
  • Has Automatic Turbo Steam Vacuum, which allows steam to penetrate the garment at all levels
  • Has a die-cast aluminum heating filament, which allows quick heat-up and thus better steam generation
  • Has a wide 80-degree opening angle which allows easy manipulation of the fabric without burning your knuckles
  • Has an LED light which illuminates the pressing area
  • Comes with an accessory kit
  • Large water tank, can contain up to 16.9 ounces of water


  • Very heavy
  • Its large size makes it hard to move around

Presenting the Sienna Turbo SSP-5015

The Sienna Turbo SSP-5015 is meant to serve as a symbol of Sienna’s dominance in the steam press market as one of the big players. The Turbo SSP-5015 is a very advanced steam press.

It not only provides quality but it also promises to provide a balance of elegance and efficiency that is unique only to the Sienna Turbo SSP-5015. The company values your time and thus makes the claim the SSP-5015 can reduce your time spent on the steam press by 70% as the SSP-5015 has a larger surface area for pressing (35×11 inches) than most steam presses.

Another feat that sets the Sienna SSP-5015 apart from other steam presses is its Turbo. This functionality enables SSP-5015 to suck / vacuum steam through your garments producing high-quality crisp creases in a matter of minutes – no matter the fabric.

SSP-5015 Detailed Review

Given below is a comprehensive description of the key features in Sienna Turbo SSP-5015.

1. Touch Screen Fabric and Temperature Selections

This steam press provides an elegant touch-display for the user to make selections for the fabric being pressed. It offers a wide variety of adjustable steam-options for dealing with fabrics like Nylon, Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Wool and Linen. This feature offers great flexibility and utility.

The wide array of fabric selections is complemented with a wide range as its temperature can vary between 212 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Fan for Steam Extraction

Not many steam presses in the market have a feature like this. The Sienna Turbo SSP-5015 features a fan for extracting excess steam from the garment to provide smooth and crisp creases.

Residual steam can tarnish the finish of the fabric and resulting creases might suffer that’s why SSP-5015 contains this fan to rid the garments of any excess moisture.

3. LED Light

Having the right amount of light on your pressing board is consequential as all it takes is one wrong crease to ruin the final finish of a garment.

However, with SSP-5015 you don’t have to install a light right on top of the pressing board. It comes with a built-in LED light that’s been placed right over the ironing board which allows clear vision of the fabric being pressed even if there isn’t a lot of light available in the room.

4. Wide Opening Angle and on-Demand Steam Bursts

This steam press provides you a wide opening angle of 80 degrees which allows the user to easily lay and spread the garment on the ironing board (without burning their knuckles). It also accounts for the easy manipulation of the fabric while it is being pressed.

Also, it contains steam ports which can produce powerful bursts of steam that can penetrate the almost any type of fabric. This further decreases the pressing time of the Sienna Turbo SSP-5015.

How Does It Compare with Other Steam Presses?

Here is how the Turbo SSP-5015 compares with other steam presses of the same company.

Sienna Empressa SSP-3208

The Sienna Empressa provides almost the same pressing area as the SSP-5015 as well as the temperature and fabric selections, but there are a lot of other features which distinguish the Empressa from the SSP-5015.

The water tank of the Sienna Empressa is capable of containing 15.2 ounces of fluid while the tank used by SSP-5015 can contain up to 16.9 ounces. The SSP-5015 provides extra value with features like its LED light and Steam Extraction Fan while the Empressa has none of these features which accounts for its high price tag.

But, the Sienna Empressa is lighter than SSP-5015 as it weighs only 29.1 pounds as compared to 44 pounds. Also, SSP-3208 consumes much less power than SSP-5015.

The Empressa, although large itself, is a more portable than the Turbo SSP-5015 and lacks some of the features. The price of both presses are very similar – it’s a tradeoff between weight and features.

Sienna Turbo SSP-4015

This is the only steam press that comes close to the SSP-5015 in terms of core functionality. It has the potential of substituting for SSP-5015 as it provides all the main features that SSP-5015 does and it has a much lower price tag than SSP-5015.

The point of difference is its pressing area and weight. It offers a much smaller pressing area (28 x 11 inches) than the SSP-5015 thus it is lighter. But, there is not much difference in key areas.

Should I Buy the Sienna Turbo SSP-5015?

The Sienna Turbo SSP-5015 should be an obvious pick for those people that want professional quality. It certainly is an investment so if you have a large volume and a wide variety of fabrics which need quality care this steam press could be for you – if you can live with the price tag.

Here we rate the product based on the following metrics out of 5.

Sienna Turbo SSP-5015-Product Review
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Style