The Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press has proven a very popular choice for many people looking to invest in a steam press for the home.

There are probably three key reasons that this particular steam press is being chosen again and again. 1, the brand Singer. 2, the reasonably large steam plate. 3, light and portable compared to most.

Now, let’s look into this clothes press in a more detail…

Singer ESP-2 Magic Press Overview


  • Pressing surface, 10 times larger than a conventional iron
  • Offers easy to use electronic fabric and temperature settings
  • Has a die-cast aluminum base for smooth pressing and uniform heating
  • Has auto shut-off feature
  • Sounds alarm when pressing plate left closed for than 10 seconds to prevent the fabric from exposure to heat


  • The 10-second alarm can become rather annoying
  • Compact design means you have to be careful where you put your hands

Presenting the Singer ESP-2

The Singer ESP-2 is meant to be a shining light for any person that presses clothes him/herself. It has been designed to offer maximum convenience to the end-user as it has a pressing plate that can provide over 100 pounds of pressure. So, you just need to flick your finger and your clothes will be as good as done as the pressing plate does most of the work for you.

The Singer ESP-2 has a large pressing plate of around 24” x 9” so you don’t need to re-arrange your garments too much. The pressing plate has a fair amount of steam holes so once you’ve put your clothes in the steam press, you just need to manage the steam and maintain the right temperature.

It isn’t an uncommon accident to damage clothes from prolonged exposure to an iron or a steam press. The Singer ESP-2 accounts for this situation as well as it has an alarm system specifically designed for this purpose. If the handle of the pressing plate is left down for more than 10 seconds the system sounds an alarm and turn the steam press off to prevent any damage to the garment.

Singer ESP-2 Detailed Review

Here are the prominent features of this steam press.

1. Electronic Fabric Temperature Settings

The Singer ESP-2 provides the user a digital interface for the selection of the appropriate temperature settings. Each temperature setting has been pre-configured to meet the requirements of a particular fabric easily.

singer magic press

The nature of each fabric has been accounted for which allows the temperature settings to be very precise. Thus, the garments suffer no mistreatment from the steam press.

These electronic fabric temperature settings allow the user to focus on getting the job done rather than focusing on keeping the temperature right for the fabric.

2. Auto Shut-Off

One of the more prevalent features of the Singer ESP-2 is its Auto Shut-Off feature. It can be seen from ESP-2’s functionalities that safety has been an influential factor in the product’s design.

As mentioned before, this feature turns the machine off automatically when the pressing plate is left in the closed position for more than 10 seconds.

3. 100 Pounds of Pressure

The design of this steam press means that you can apply 100 pounds of steamy pressure to your garments – with the lightest force from your fingertips. Just manage the steam and temperature settings and the ESP-2 does the rest. Crisp creases are delivered in a matter of seconds.

4. Portable

The Singer ESP-2 is highly portable as it has handle-lock functionality which allows the steam press to be turned into a sort of briefcase. So, it can be easily moved around.

Singer ESP-2 versus Steamfast SF-623

The Steamfast SF-623 usually retails around $50 – $70 less than the Singer ESP-2 so how does it compare?

Both have very similar heat up times and both have preset temperatures for key fabrics for ease of use.

They differ in size. The Steamfast is lighter and smaller – which could suit some homes more. What you lose versus the Signer ESP-2 is press plate size and a smaller water tank meaning more frequent water changes.

Should I buy the Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press?

The Singer ESP-2 is a very popular choice. This is THE ideal steam press for first-time buyers or anyone looking to upgrade to a $250 budget. You don’t have to look far on the Amazon Customer reviews to see that people swear by these machines – many have bought this press multiple times.

Overall Rating:
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Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press Review
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