Standing beside a pile of laundry with an iron in hand, getting ready to do hours of back and arm aching traditional ironing. Sound familiar? Well, not with a steam press.

steam press advantages

Picture this: sitting in your favorite chair and cutting your ironing times in half! No more arm or backaches – achieve large amounts of pressure evenly across a much larger area of fabric using only your fingertips.

It’s no wonder more and more families are now using a steam press for their ironing needs.

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Steam presses at a glance

    Iron seven times the surface of a traditional iron in once press
    Even pressure and steam across the board
    Make quick and easy work of heavy items
    Control and exert high amounts of pressure with your fingertips
    Set up so you can sit down relax as you make quick work of your ironing
    Half your ironing times!
    No more dry cleaning bills!!

What is a steam press and how can it help me?

Used across the globe in an increasing number of households, the clothes steam press provides a fast, easy and effective way to remove wrinkles from troublesome clothing and fabrics.

Sometimes referred to as a steam press iron or a clothing press, these devices are heavily utilized in commercial applications such as dry cleaners and tailors but are now making their way into the home. Regardless of the fabric application, many of these clothes steam press models are uniquely designed to provide the best operation for your ironing needs – leaving your clothes looking new, fresh and smart for longer.

Many individuals still resort to traditional ironing as their main method of removing wrinkles from their garments. By utilizing a steam press device such as a singer steam press, you can get your clothing wrinkle-free faster and easier! In this modern age it is important to have time on your side and by utilizing devices such as a clothes steam press is a great way to not only save money but save you countless hours over the course of the year. When reading reviews on steam presses you will often people stating around a 50% time-saving.