Dropping off and picking up clothes from the dry-cleaners can be a bit of a hassle, the Steamfast SF 680 steam press is here to change that. Steamfast states that the SF 680 is capable of delivering results that are at par with dry-cleaners without the cost or chemicals.

Steamfast SF-680 is a fantastic steam press which won our best steam press round up review.

Let’s look into this a little further…

Steamfast SF-680 overview


  • Quick heat-up
  • Large water tank
  • Large steaming surface – 25×10 inches
  • Digital controls with 5 fabric settings
  • Energy-efficient
  • Comes with an accessories kit
  • Multiple steam-burst buttons


  • High Steam-burst reset time
  • Opening angle slightly acute; as the user’s hand can touch the pressing plate while adjusting the fabric
  • Presenting Steamfast SF-680
  • The Steamfast-680 is a table-top steam press with a lot of modern features that help it rival any steam press out there.

It is capable of making crisp creases in a matter of mere seconds. It is super easy to use and adaptable as it is specifically compliant with five different fabric types. The Steamfast-680 is fully capable of managing the temperature of the pressing plate and the amount of water-vapour on its own.

This is a steam press for people that want a high-quality finish to their laundry and want to skip the dry cleaners. For anyone swopping an iron for a steam press, the Steamfast is also going to save you time on many garments. It is capable of delivering high amounts of steam over a large area with a lot of pressure.

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press Detailed Review

Given below are the key features of the Steamfast-680 with a comprehensive analysis of their utility.

Multiple Fabric Settings

The key feature that sets the Steamfast-680 apart from other steam presses is its digital panel control which has specific modes for ironing five (Nylon, Wool, Cotton, Silk and Linen) types of garments. This feature provides great utility as the user doesn’t have to worry about temperature control or vapor moisture, the Steamfast’s built-in configuration for each of these fabrics caters for the nature of the garment and presses it accordingly.

Multiple Steam Burst Buttons

Most steam presses have only a single steam press button located at either the control panel or the handle. However, the Steamfast-680 has been designed to maximize product usability and this feature does exactly that. It has 2 steam burst buttons located on either side of the handle, so you never have to worry about pressing the wrong end of the handle ever again.

Automatic Turn-Off

Safety is a critical feature in most post-modern home appliances and a product’s quality can be measured by the level of safety parameters it has. Especially, steam-press companies have to put in certain functionalities to ensure user-safety.

The Steamfast-680 has a high regard for safety as its auto-shut off features ensures that the steam press is turned-off when left idle for a long period of time. This feature makes sure that user is aware of the current state of the steam-press by sounding a loud alarm. Also, it turns the steam press off when the steam-press is left unattended for 15 minutes or longer.

The auto-shut-off feature also entails that whenever the pressing plate of the steam press is closed without cutting off the power, the steam-press is automatically turned off.

Press-Lock feature

The Steamfast-680 has been specifically designed to offer maximum movability with safety. It’s Press-Lock features enables the pressing-plate to tightly adhere to the ironing board, turning the steam press into what looks like a briefcase, making it easy for the user to carry it around.

How Does It Compare with other Steam Presses?

Here are some other products of Steamfast along with a brief account of how they compare to Steamfast-680 and whether they can serve as alternatives to SF-680 or not.

Steamfast SF-623 steam press

The Steamfast SF-623 provides almost the same functionality as the SF-680 for a lower price. The SF-623 has the same 5-fabric setting, the press-lock, the non-stick pressing plate as well as the accessory kit.
However, it differs in size; the SF-623 is smaller and more lightweight than the SF-680. The SF-628 being only 20×8 inches vs the 25×10 inches.

This comes at the cost of the pressing area also being smaller plus the water tank isn’t as large – meaning more refills.
You might want to look into the Steamfast SF-623 if you would prefer to save ~$60 and your ironing pile is not so big. However, if you’re looking for laundry time saving or have large garments to press you still need to look towards the Steamfast SF-680.

View Steamfast SF-623

Steamfast SP-660

This steam press is almost similar to the SF-680 in terms of functionality. The Steamfast SP-660 offers all the functionalities of SF-680 offers for a relatively lower price.

It has the 5-fabric setting along with a similarly large water tank. However, there’s only one point of difference which is the surface area of the pressing plate. The SF-680 has 25” x 10.5” pressing plate while the SP-660 has a 22” x 8.7” pressing plate.

Apart from size and appearance, there isn’t much difference between the two steam presses. So, the SP-660 can prove to be a reasonable alternative for the SF-680 as there is not much difference in power consumption and weight.

View Steamfast SP-660

Should I buy the Steamfast SF-680?

If you’re looking for a steamer that can handle tough and sturdy garments then the Steamfast SF-680 comes highly recommended as it can deliver professional level crisp creases for any type of garment at home. It is highly versatile, efficient and safe for use.

Quick Review – Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst Function

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst Function
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