Steam Press Versus Conventional Iron

There are always new inventions coming out every month that make our lives easier. We iron our clothes to get out wrinkles, but ironing tends to take a lot of time and we have to take time out of our day.

Luckily, the steam press is a highly coveted item that reduces the time and takes less effort. The steam press removes wrinkles completely. Ironing a shirt or a pair of pants takes time, to continuously run over the fabric with the iron.

How does a Steam press compare versus the conventional iron?

Conventional Iron

The conventional/common household irons require water in the iron to generate steam. They require an ironing board to press against the iron, allowing the steam to be pushed through the fabric.

To get the wrinkles out of clothes you must stand at the ironing board and manually push this steam-powered heated metal (sometimes ceramic) plate over the fabric.

This takes time and can be hard work but the fact that you must manually move the iron across clothes does mean you get a lot of control over the pressure you apply and the technique you use on different parts of the garment.

If you like having that extra control you could speed up ironing and increase the ease of movement by upgrading your conventional iron to a steam iron.

If you have a family size load of laundry it is very likely your conventional iron will run out of water before you finish all of your clothing, so you have to refill it.

Often times, after you finish ironing, wrinkles are still left in the fabrics, leaving your job to look sloppy or unfinished. Although they look small the choice of using a conventional iron in your home actually takes more space than you think due to their ironing board companions.

Steam Press

The steam press has a large smooth surface that allows the material to become wrinkle free easily and completely. It has multiple settings, allowing you to choose the best options for the fabrics you are ironing, allowing you to choose more options to fit your needs for ironing.

The steam press weighs anywhere from 20 to 30 lbs but is compact to put away – in the same way an ironing board can. There are a lot of safety features that ensure that you won’t burn any clothes. It has a high steaming power, automatic shutoff, and alerts that tell you when your clothing is done.

Compared to conventional irons, the steam press holds 10 oz. of water. This allows for more clothing to be ironed before having to refill. You also don’t have to worry about the clothing or steam press moving around.

Pants and shirts are easier to press since the bottom and top of the steam press are equal sizes so they line up. All materials are able to lay flat on the Teflon surface, and there’s no sticky residue from the nonstick surface.

Steam press or conventional iron

Versus a conventional iron, a steam press will save you a lot of time, it will reduce any tiring work and give you better results on simple parts of garments.

Conventional irons are cheaper but in some cases, steam presses are worth the investment. You pay a larger sum up front however the investment over time is worth it. Conventional irons often lose their ceramic surfaces and cause burns to clothing, causing you to replace them over time.

The fact you can save time, hard work and the money makes sense means that the steam press wins this battle. The steam press will allow you to enjoy more time doing things you like to do, and get your clothes wrinkle-free.

Are you not interested in joining the growing number of homes that are turning to the steam press in their family home?

The steam press is a great investment that will save you from taking certain clothing to get steamed because your iron is too harsh on the fabric. The steam press can even iron out some of the most delicate fabrics. The steam press is the best option for you if you want to save money on dry-cleaning costs, but still get the same great results.